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We have classes for children from ages 3 Upwards, Family Classes and Adult only!

Jim Rohn's famous statement: "The FEW who DO are the ENVY of the MANY who only WATCH"




We are so convinced that you will absolutely love our tailored martial arts programs, that we are going to give YOU a FREE TRIAL, NO RISK, NO PRESSURE, just the finest martial arts tuition. This is a limited offer, so it’s first come, first served. Now it's your chance to get into the most exciting experience of your life in the fastest growing academy in the city.


We have proven methods to improve your mental and physical fitness, and we are so proud to see the development, and increased confidence, it is the best thing you will ever do for building confidence and self-esteem............

"My 10 year old twin boys started a few weeks ago. They both have autism, adhd, sensory processing difficulties & other associated difficulties. They have never managed a mainstream activity before. Everyone at karate have been amazing. They have managed the boys & their behaviours. The boys are developing & I am amazed at what they are learning. Mykl is an amazing teacher & role model. This place is amazing. They are patient, kind, encouraging & understanding. Thanks guys" Sarah B

"Mykl deserves the positive review - he is an awesome teacher and role model" Nathalie

"Great school, highly recommended. Mykl is a true role model and the kids love him" Nathan

"You see the progression happening in front of your eyes, it boosts their Self esteem, whilst being taught to defend yourself" Adrian

"Its Brilliant, I've told all my friends to Enroll!" Rebecca

"jjbba are the best, It's the best thing we've done for him" Rachel

More people train at our academies, than any other martial arts academy in the Midlands. Men, women children, often entire families sign up for our programs studying the most complete system of self defense available, and benefiting themselves in so many areas of their lives.

I'm inviting you to step up to the challenge and fulfilment that will be yours with our martial arts training - It's all here waiting for you TODAY!

I know some of you must still have doubts about whether to enrol, sitting there thinking this is too good to be true, this can't be for I'm going to give you a painless way to let us prove it. To demonstrate how absolutley convinced I am that our martial arts training is exactly what you are looking for, I'm offering you a FREE trial LESSON. No risk.

Just fill in your details below and click the button to claim your Free Trial Lesson Now! In the meantime I look forward to meeting a slimmer, fitter unstoppable YOU very soon.
Best wishes,


Master Curwood 3rd Degree Instructor



"I Love my Martial Arts and have done for six years!" Freya 

Let us help you to achieve your goals - Whether you want incredible martial arts skills, unstoppable confidence, massive weight loss or just a whole bunch of new friends we can help you just as we have for so many 1000’s of others just like you –

"My fitness levels have gone through the roof and i have lost 2 stone!" Paul




Our members have gone from: clinically obese to sleek and svelte; from fearful to fearless; from lead, to leader; from bullied to bullet proof and from wimp to warrior!


Martial Arts Mastery is Only One Click Away 



Martial arts is about much more than just punching and kicking: it’s about personal development, honour, dignity; of leadership, courage and a life of action combined with spiritual and emotional development. Right now you may just want to get fit, strong and slim we have bigger goals for you, but more of that later, for now just try us out and experience a brilliant new hobby!


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Personal welcome

A Personal Welcome From Chief Instructor Mykl Curwood

Thank you so much for coming to my website; devoted to martial arts and life excellence: Combat training at its best, you’ll never feel safer and fitter with our ‘top of the line programs’. As you navigate around the site you’ll quickly discover why our schools are the best in the world for helping you to get fit and fearless – fast!
You'll understand why the average man or woman benefits so much from our programs and you'll see why our schools are populated by people just like you; doctors, teachers, salespeople, housewives, house-husbands, children, In fact, our programs are changing lives for the better all over the city and the country, get into the best shape of your life - Improve flexibility overnight - Get motivated and achieve your goals. Move to a whole new level of strength and health. It's all here for you - and I look forward to serving you. In fact, to help you get rolling, I’m prepared to give you a free TRIAL lesson absolutely FREE, fill in your details below and click on submit to claim yours NOW! 
Best Wishes



Chief Instructor Mykl Curwood


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